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In which is picture is crappily drawn

The 22 of May, AD 2009 | The 14th hour and 38 minutes.
Listening: Oasis - Wonderland

'Tis true, you know. As a bit of a closure as I'll be GONE. Isn't it sad?

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In which something nerdy happens

The 11 of May, AD 2009 | The 23th hour and 46 minutes.
Listening: Jekyll and Hyde Ressurection - Dangerous Game

. .. .like me getting level 12. I'm on a roll today, I keep getting new high scores at TetrisFriends.com. YES.

Excuse me while I go do my victory jig.
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In which Bleach 354 is read

The 17 of April, AD 2009 | The 00th hour and 26 minutes.
Listening: Jimmy Eat World - Always Be


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Hmm, not sure how coherent my thoughts are. There might be more, but I can't think of any, and it's like freaking one in the morning. SLEEP.

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In which Vegeta sings

The 15 of April, AD 2009 | The 01th hour and 03 minutes.
Listening: Repo! The Genetic Opera - Infected

. . .apparently. Yeah. Wow, Vegeta, I'd never would've guessed. Kanji and romaji lyrics here. Yeeeaaahhh.

Vegeta-sama's Cooking Hell. XD It probably is if Vegeta's cooking. I actually can't imagine him cooking, but. . .

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In which Bleach 353 is read

The 09 of April, AD 2009 | The 23th hour and 30 minutes.

. . .yeah.

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In which I update. . .again

The 06 of April, AD 2009 | The 23th hour and 00 minutes.
Listening: Green Day - Boulevard of Broken Dreams

I never thought I'd be thinking this, but I actually am grateful to Mokona. He's actually realized how trippy Tsubasa's been getting, and asked my burning question to CLAMP right now (besides where the crap is Yuuko you sadists??), and that's why Syaoran's parents look like him and Sakura. Yeeaaahhh. . .it's kinda bizarre, and I only dread to think what Freud would say to Syaoran's love for Sakura considering his parents. . . My reaction and opinion on it is still pretty much 'WTF?'.

Oh, and proof that OUTER SPACE HAS HANDS. I can't tell if it has two thumbs, or if the side with the pink is just malformed, but it still looks like a hand. I'm amused.

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In which fanart was drawn (part un)

The 27 of March, AD 2009 | The 00th hour and 41 minutes.
Listening: Skillet - Comatose

That's right. For better or for worse, I DRAW FANART (but only sometimes).

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In which fanfics are read (part trois)

The 23 of March, AD 2009 | The 14th hour and 08 minutes.
Listening: Secondhand Serenade - Maybe

Mousecat - Avatar The Last Airbender, oneshot, no pairings, pre-Finale. It's non-canon, but it's a pretty interesting take on balance and Aang's Avatar duty things. But basically, Aang tries to appeal to Azula's logical side.

Candles - Harry Potter, oneshot, pre-Deathly Hallows, DRAMA (and loads). It's basically about Mr. Granger dealing with his little girl running off to fight wizarding wars. It's really well-written though, and SAD. Also totally NOT CANON (poor Draco. . .)

The Glass Slipper - Harry Potter, oneshot, Tonks/Remus, humor. I think the best part of this fic is either Snape and Mundungus as the Ugly Step Sisters, or Dumbledore as the Fairy Godmother. Sirius as Prince Siriusly Charming wins, too. . .

The Load We Bear - Bleach, oneshot, UlquiHime, drama. It's kinda bittersweet, with a bit of philosophy running through it. They pretty much match up with what we know of Ulquiorra and Orihime and their ideologies.

First Date - Bleach, oneshot, CRACK PAIRING!, humor. Poor Ichigo doesn't seem to like his sisters dating. . .

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised - Teen Titans/Justice League, complete, drama. For variety, because I mostly put in oneshots here. Anyways, it's a Teen Titans fic that doesn't suck, and it's about the Justice Lords rise to power. YES.

Out of Time - Rurouni Kenshin, complete, drama. Kenshin in the series and Kenshin in the Revolution trade places; and yes, it does suck for them. It's pretty good though.

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In which Bleach 351 is read

The 19 of March, AD 2009 | The 12th hour and 28 minutes.
Listening: SR-71 - Empty Spaces

Well, now that Ulqui and Ichigo can be like hole-in-the-chest buddies, they still don't like each other. Yeah.

In a way, I kinda was hoping this didn't happen to Ichigo. But now that it's happened, I hope it comes back to bite him in the butt later. I also wonder how this will colour Ishida and Orihime's view on him (watching your friend go psycho and all hollow-y on you has GOT to bother some people). (Kubo just gave birth to a possible angst fest, I wonder if he'll follow through?)

Hmmm. . .

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In which I read nerdy things

The 18 of March, AD 2009 | The 12th hour and 28 minutes.
Listening: Dashboard Confessional - Vindicated

First off, this makes me laugh. Saint Young Men would make my pastor horrified (for obvious reasons), and it's not terribly interesting most of the time, but the dig at Light Yagami won it a special place in my heart.

And who wouldn't do this if someone insulted Batman--I mean Flying Mouse Man in such an outrageous manner? (I love Jess. She's such a nerd, it's easy to relate to her, and she's so pathetic but it's almost endearing.)

No Rest for the Wicked is an awesome awesome comic and fairy tale fruit salad. The art starts off a little spotty in some places, but it's improves SO MUCH, and the writing's some of the best there is. And it's finally updating again. YES.

And for fanfics:

A Matter of Corroboration - Bleach, oneshot, humor. It's based off a pretty wild theory, and it's probably permanently scarred Ichigo. XD

A Keen Observer - Harry Potter, multi-chap, complete, drama, romance. It's Andromeda/Ted, based on when they met and then on out. I'm only like on chapter 22, but I actually like it so far. It's well written, and I liked the way the author portrayed the Black family. They're not written as evil, but more like people with an odd way of thinking. Um, REALLY REALLY REALLY odd way of thinking. But still. Timeline's a bit screwy concerning Sirius, James, and co, but it's not all that big a deal.

Those Kinds of Things - Harry Potter, oneshot, humor. It's vaguely Dramione. Kinda. Anyways, it's a pretty amusing read. Poor Draco XD.

Destiny Reversed - Harry Potter, multi-chap, complete, drama. I actually find this fic, which long eluded me. Harry wakes up in a world where Neville is the Boy-Who-Lived. Yeah. Some parts are kinda sad, and others rather sweet.

Heartbreak Tomatoes - Justice League Unlimited, oneshot, humor. This made me laugh.

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